Server Status




1. PROHIBITED Promoting RF Other in the Pinix RF game.
Penalty: Baned Permanent
2. PROHIBITE Utilizes all sorts of bugs (Except for leveling, not to harm other players & servers).
Penalty: Banned 7 days, do it again = Permanent.
3. PROHIBITED Uses illegal programs / apps (third parties) within the game
Penalty: Baned Permanent + Block IP Address
4. PROHIBITED Provocation inside game.
Penalty: Baned Permanent
5. PROHIBITED Insults and threats to GM / in the name of GM.
Penalty: Baned Permanent
6. PROHIBITED Performing a GVG Bug or Doing GVG with an inactive guild (tumbal)
Penalty: All participants cut CPT to 0
7. PROHIBITED Nuke in Central Mine or HSK Area
Penalty: 3 Day Banned
8. PROHIBITED Abuses the right of council such as: Nuke out of hours war for the purpose of killing CB(except max 30seconds after war announcement is complete), Campaign and / or Selling at Chat Race, and anything else that GM considers to be a violation.
Penalty: 3 Day Banned
9. PROHIBITED Imitates identity as GM or uses nicknames such as “GM ‘”, “ADMIN”, “OWNER” etc.
Penalty: Baned Permanent
10. PROHIBITED using names containing “i” or “I” respectively.
Penalty: Baned Permanent
11. PROHIBITED insults GM or treats it with disrespect. GM is not your employee, they work to serve and are worthy of respect.
Penalty: 3 Day Banned
12. PROHIBITED talks bad about Server and Staff. For kiritik and suggestions, please directly to the Staff or submitted in the Forum that has been provided.
Penalty: 3 Day Chat Banned
13. PROHIBITION Insulting other players with offensive language & abusive.
Penalty: 3 Day Chat Banned
14. PROHIBITION Debuff / Heal From SZ.
Penalty: 3 Day Banned
15. PROHIBITION Using Chaos During CW Time.
Penalty: 3 hours Banned
16. PROHIBITED Chat to Sell / Buy on All / Map / Race Chat, Mandatory Sell / Buy / Trade on Trade Chat.
Penalty: 3 Hours Banned Chat
17. PROHIBITION Selling Account ingame, if u want selling account sell @ FB Group.
Penalty: 1 month Banned


You are responsible for your account. Giving your account info to “PILOTS” or “FRIENDS” is your RISK. If they change their password or sell your item, it will not be replaced. If they hack or break the rules while using your account, it’s the same as you who break the rules
You need to remember the password of your account, write it down on paper and keep it in a safe place if necessary. GM & Staff has no right & no obligation to notify your User & Password with ANY REASON.
Do not know the rule is not / can not be your reason for not following it.
Rules can change at any time, and GM’s decision is absolute.


• Every RL & Board Requires ACTIVE & PARTICIPATING at CW Minimum 2x a Day.
• Each RL & ACTIVE Compulsory Board Assists people for FARM, Leveling, etc.
• Every RL & Board PROHIBITIONS LOSS disputes & provocations within the Game.
• Every RL Mandatory makes its own rules for its people.
• Each RL Mandatory expressly uses the features already provided to punish players who violate the rules, for the sake of mutual convenience.
• Every RL It is forbidden to choose between the guild and the “friends”, and to be fair.
• Any RL It is forbidden to change the Honor Guild, as it will result in some functionality in the game being an error like: Pot Call.
Penalty: -30k cpt
• Player Only allowed to be RL 3x in a row if selected again for its 4x, it will be swapped in Warchon position, and may register again in the next election.

For RL / Councils that violates the rule:
– 1x (Banned 12 Hours) -30k cpt
– 2x (Banned 20 Hours) -50k cpt
– 3x (Banned 7hari + Replaced Board) -70k cpt


The WAR system we are going to adopt is a system where the War Winner must be attacked by two other Race, why?
• Avoid political allies who are not good at the game.
• Avoid personal conflicts of interest or revenge between different RLs or Councils.
• Provide opportunities for all nations to grow.
• Ally only CM.
• This rule only applies when CW.
• Outside of war hours, the War rules do not apply, and each RL is free to determine the strategy.


For RL / Councils that violates the rule:

– 1x (Banned 12 Hours)

– 2x (Banned 20 Hours)

– 3x (Banned 7day + Replaced Board)

1. PROHIBITED ALLY on any Map except Event.
2. Only allowed to push simultaneously with Other Race, but after that prohibited ALLY.
3. RL / Board is not active in a day, do not war 2x in a day CPT reduced by 15,000

For RL / Councils that violates the rule:
– 1x (Banned 12 Hours)
– 2x (Banned 20 Hours)
– 3x (Banned 7day + Replaced Board)

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