First Server with Limited CC Donation. Pinix 55 is Server

Top Killer

Alpha Tester

Hello Pinixian,

Currently we are conducting Alpha testing. For one week you can follow the testing process to taste the excitement that will be presented by PINIX 55.

For Join you need to Register  > Here <

You can download our Alpha test Patch Here (choose one):

Benefit of Joining Test Server :

  • 3 x 99pcs Silver Pig Statue = 800M each Slot
  • 2 x 99pcs Favor Talic
  • 1 x 99pcs Keen Talic
  • 1 x 99pcs Chaos Talic
  • 2 x 99pcs Lucky Setof Gem Exchanger
  • 100M Cash Coin
  • 900K PVP Points
  • Auto Level 55

Code Voucher : Y1RA-VXG7-5L06-UUKN
(Go to GameCP > Voucher Redeem)

Alpha Tester will End on 24/11/2019

After Alpha Tester End, all ID will be Wiped.

By following Alpha Test, you can experience and help perfect of PINIX 55 before actually launching.

You can also inform us of the bugs that you found, so that the experience of playing PINIX 55 will be truly satisfying in the future.

Everyone is free to Join the Alpha Test of Pinix 55.

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